Glycosylation Predictor Example Input and Help

Below you will find examples of the correct use of the glycosylation server.

To submit a file either enter the file name or click browse and choose a file

After this enter your email address and you should have something like the image below


Click on the submit button and your results will be emailed to you at the address you specified.

You can also submit a sequence by cuting a pasting it into the interface as shown below


Remember to enter your email address and click the submit button.

After submitting a sequence by either method you should see the folowing screen:


If you recieve an error message check that the format of the sequence file is correct

and that you have entered your email correctly and try again

Viewing the output file

The output file is comma seperated (.csv)

For best results, view the file using your preferred Linux editor (Vi, Vim, Pico, Emacs)

The file can also be viewed in spreadsheet software, but to obtain the correct format the 'text to columns' function should be used to tabulate the information correctly

Below is an example of a protein sequence in Fasta format